RighTrak Makeover: Logo


Designed by RighTrak friend Jason Phelps, the new logo isn’t just cool-looking, it tells a story.

bluegreenLet’s start with the color palette. In scientific terms, color is simply what our eyes see when a particular wavelength of light is reflected, measured in nanometers (nm). The green hue is approximately 532 nm, which is the wavelength that the human eye is most able to see, whether in the dark or the light. That’s why green lasers are so effective for light shows and pointers. In the RighTrak logo, the green represents God’s Kingdom and His desire to break through our self-reliance and share little pieces of that Kingdom with us. While the Spirit is always at work, sometimes those breakthroughs cut through the darkness of our disobedience like a laser. We call those kairos moments. The blue hue is a nod to the Old Testament (recall the blue on the Israeli flag) and represents God’s divinity and lordship over all.

bluegritbootprintsThe blue text is faded and gritty in spots. That’s because life transformation isn’t easy or clean or neat. We have to put our work boots on, get down into the muck of our souls, identify the root cause of what’s holding us back and with God’s help confront it. From that dirty place, though, comes transformation, which is why the boot prints change from blue to green as we begin to recognize that we must submit to the lordship of our Creator and get on the path that He wants us to be on so that we can realize our full potential.

arrowsFunny thing about paths: there’s never just one right track. Everyone’s journey and lot in life is different. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all program for helping someone end his/her poverty. It isn’t “THE RighTrak.” It’s just “RighTrak” because each person’s path and each community that surrounds that person will be different, which is why there are two arrows instead of one. “Industries,” plural, is part of the RighTrak name for a similar reason. A vocation is one of the keys to helping someone end his or her poverty, but this isn’t a vocational training program. (It isn’t a program at all, actually.) Every person’s vocation will be different, so we have to be prepared to assist with a multitude of industries.

xThe “x” in the tag line, “ending poverty one x one,” symbolizes the concept of multiplication. RighTrak Industries is all about ordinary people showing God’s love in a seemingly radical way. We surround and support one person with one whole community in part because it gives the person the best chance of success, but more importantly it allows the members of that community to form real, lasting relationships with each other and the person they are helping. Once people’s hearts begin to break for things that break God’s own heart, they realize that it’s really not all that radical to love others as Jesus loved us, and then all of a sudden they’re showing that love to others outside of RighTrak and teaching their kids how to love and telling their friends about their experiences. Before you know it, the effect of helping one person has multiplied and touched the lives of many.

Neat, huh?

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