RighTrak Gets a Makeover


extreme-makeover-spoof-197x111This thing we call “RighTrak Industries” (which is really just ordinary people committed to treating other, less-financially-fortunate people as … well … people) has been evolving, and it will continue to. In fact, if it doesn’t evolve, it means we’re not listening and working the circle. As a preview, here’s the short list of the evolutionary changes.

See the new logo? (Not the Extreme Makeover spoof. Look up and left.) Our friend Jason Phelps designed it. Pretty cool. What’s cooler still is that it’s jam-packed full of symbolism, which we’ll explain in another post. Other changes include a new payment processing system that will allow RighTrak to keep more of your donation dollars and pay less to Visa and MasterCard, the establishment of a more formal board of directors and a facelift for the email newsletter (which you can subscribe to here).

But none of these are as exciting as the evolution of RighTrak’s mission. The refinement and improvement of RighTrak’s mission has been a slow, purposeful (and, we dare say, divine) kairos moment in the making. It culminated with a YouTube sermon Dave stumbled upon — and watched twice — followed by some time spent abiding with his Heavenly Father while jogging along the Buffalo Bayou. The adaptation of RighTrak’s mission is exciting, and we look forward to sharing it and all the other enhancements with everyone. So stay tuned.

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