It’s Fun to Live Life in an Orchard


The reward is not the goal, but it sure is rewarding to see the fruit of the labor that is done through us. As spring gives way to summer, Willie and the members of the table are entering a phase of new growth and fruit. In fact, we’re surrounded by this metaphorical fruit–like living in an orchard–and it’s a fun place to be.

Willie’s Mobile Car Detailing is taking off. Business is going well enough, in fact, that Willie has experimented with hiring part-time, temporary helpers who are similarly down on their luck and looking for a kind, helpful hand up. A friend and loyal customer of Willie’s came through with Dickie’s-style uniforms complete with Willie’s name and a logo. Revenues appear to be strong. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised today when Willie paid almost half of his rent, two months ahead of schedule! His family relationships are improving as he emerges as the (earthly) spiritual rock for his siblings. He’s gotten so many invitations to preach and lead Bible studies that he’s had to turn some of them down.

The fruit doesn’t end with Willie, though. The table members are becoming like family to each other. There is a longing to socialize and live life together rather than just do the “business” of RighTrak Industries.. The eyes of many people are being opened to what it really means to help the least of us, to the fact that we really can bring wholeness to the homeless and to the reality that it doesn’t require a NGO to do it. Best of all, the experience is helping to produce an incredible depth of faith in everyone involved. And man, is it cool to see.

Thanks to my friend, Jason Phelps, for coining the phrase that is the title of this post.
Thanks to Tabitha Williams who stopped to snap this pic of Willie while taking engagement photos.
Thanks be to God. To Him be the glory.

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