Breaking Free


Five years ago Willie was less than polished as he journeyed to The Life Center for the Homeless in search of shelter and a meal. This past Sunday, Willie was suited up delivering the message for the church service at The Life Center. One has to wonder if years ago, as Willie was searching for some hope in the Sunday message at The Life Center, he could have ever fathomed that he himself would one day be delivering a message of hope and redemption to its congregation.

2013-04-07 13.12.32Willie’s topic for Sunday’s message was breaking free from the bondage of sin. Willie related most to being in bondage to sin by way of a drug addiction. Willie described the person he was during those not-too-distant days when he was enslaved to his addiction. He detailed his feelings and emotional attachment to his poison of choice. As Willie was describing all the ways in which he ‘worshipped’ this other god, voices of agreement and empathy rang out through the congregation. We can all relate to some degree of bondage through our own selfish absorption with our careers, money, worry, relationships, etc. An even greater congregational response came when Willie began speaking about the supernatural joy that we experience when we are able to break free from the bondage of sin and follow Christ. From here, Willie delivered an uplifting message of transformation; a transformation that happens as you die to your former self, and don’t look back. It’s inspiring to see Willie live out this transformation that he so passionately talks about.

2013-04-07 13.12.36The Life Center for the Homeless has been around for about 22 years and provides a multitude of services to Houston’s homeless. The Life Center was founded by Pastor James, an old friend of Willie’s with whom he grew up in Houston’s Fourth Ward. Based on some of the obstacles RighTrak has faced while assisting Willie in his transition from poverty, I can’t imagine how difficult and discouraging it would be for an individual who is homeless to get on the right track (no pun intended). It’s amazing to watch as Willie strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus as he offers hope and healing to the men and women at The Life Center. Well done, Willie. Well done.

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