Help a Family on Mission

“They are my rock,” says Darlene. The Tavernier family has sacrificed a great deal for the sake of others. They truly embody “service above self” as they have treated Darlene’s older son as their own, provide frequent childcare for Darlene’s younger son and are a huge part of her social safety net, all in addition to being pillar members of Cross Community Church in Katy. In fact, the tough times they have encountered are the result of their big hearts. The patriarch of the family injured his back while volunteering his time (and his muscles) to move a piano for someone, and the injury has been so debilitating that he has not been able to work.

Let us come together and support the Taverniers and Darlene as an Acts 2:42 community by helping out with some of the Tavernier’s living expenses while they get back on their feet.

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